person working on space equipment

A Mission Perspective

Providing Unmatched Views

When you need superior quality images, we offer high performance cameras for a range of space and science missions. From capturing close-ups of Pluto to relaying images of the surface of a comet, Ball Aerospace is a leader in advanced imaging technologies. From development to production, our imaging systems are qualified for the most challenging environments and can be fully customized. We make use of the full breadth of Ball’s technical expertise to find the best solution from a mission perspective. Starting at the desired end result of your mission enables us to choose and use the right technologies to make your mission a success.

New Horizons/Ralph

We built the Ralph camera which sent back the highest resolution images of Pluto.


We built the instrument that is imaging Mars in living color like never before.

Chandra X-Ray Observatory

Chandra’s aspect camera is a state-of-the-art star tracker built by Ball Aerospace.


3D real-time and enhanced features for science data.


High-performance, high-reliability data for space and science missions.