Celebrating the 2023 Ball Aerospace Interns

July 27 is National Intern Day, and we, at Ball Aerospace, are celebrating our 2023 summer interns! The passion and dedication they have shown during their time here has been nothing but incredible, and there are still a couple of weeks to go.

In honor of National Intern Day, we’d like to showcase just a few of the amazing interns that we’ve had the opportunity to work with this summer.
Ishani Peddi, Strategic Operations, Arlington, VA
Ishani Peddi is a junior pursuing a degree in aerospace engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the beautiful city of Washington D.C., visiting art museums, is a coxswain on her school's rowing team, enjoys attending the symphony and loves singing at open mics. Ishani has attended various Aerospace & Defense industry engagements such as the Astronomy Festival on the National Mall and UCAR’s Space Weather Enterprise Forum. In addition, she is working on a project related to Ball Aerospace's geostationary wildfire detection capabilities.

“Interning with Ball Aerospace this summer has been an amazing experience. Beyond the riveting work I have had the opportunity to be involved in, the culture and people are what set this company apart, and I am incredibly grateful to everyone at Ball that has welcomed and supported me thus far,” Ishani said.
Finn Bledsoe, Software Engineer, Dayton, OH
Finn Bledsoe is a junior pursuing a degree in computer science at Berea College in Kentucky. In his free time, he enjoys coding his own personal projects/applications, playing a variety of sports including soccer and bowling, and frequently visiting his favorite restaurant, Chipotle! Finn’s most memorable intern event was speed mentoring where he enjoyed meeting and chatting with various Ball Aerospace employees. He’s currently building a web application user interface which assists the business in building manifests for new and existing projects.

“Ball assigned me a project that aligned with what I already was familiar with, but also challenged me in many new areas. For that reason, I didn’t have to worry about a long adjustment period because I was working with all new technologies, but I still got to expand my knowledge base and skillset drastically,” Finn said.
Jasleen Batra, Software Engineer, Broomfield, CO
Jasleen Batra is a senior pursuing two degrees, one in electrical and computer engineering and the second in atmospheric and oceanic sciences, at the University of Colorado, Boulder. In her free time, she enjoys learning different languages. As of now, she is learning German and Spanish, but she’s not going to stop there! She loves learning languages because she gets to explore the history and culture of countries and loves to make that extra connection with the people she’s talking to. Jasleen’s favorite event was the Intern Expo which gives interns an opportunity to learn about, network and explore different groups at Ball Aerospace. She loved how everyone at the event was enthusiastic about their work, and how she got to speak to individuals from a variety of departments. She is currently working on programming an altitude analyzer simulation, which she says has been a great and fun challenge.

“The opportunity to work for Ball has been a rich and exciting experience,” Jasleen said.
Leanna Sequeira, Digital Engineer, Broomfield, CO
Leanna Sequeira is a senior pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering at Purdue University in Indiana. In her free time, she is on her school’s ultimate frisbee team and loves to go out into nature and explore all the wonders it provides. Leanna was a member of one of the Ball Intern Remote Sensing Team (BIRST) rocket payload teams and really enjoyed the  speed mentoring event Ball hosted to connect interns with employees around the company. She is currently supporting a team to develop a product lifecycle management platform and digital engineering capabilities.

“Since my first day at Ball, everyone has been super welcoming, and I’ve felt very supported. A lot of the people working here are really interested in what I’m working on and want to support me,” Leanna said.