Pointing the Way

First Time, Every Time

To double the battery capacity of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV), we’re developing an energy storage system for UUV’s at cryogenic temperatures. For infrared sensors on both military and civil space platforms, our high-capacity mechanical cryocoolers offer an alternative method for cooling at temperatures below 25 Kelvin for extended times.
For high accuracy performance in the most extreme environments, you need the payload pointed right the first time, every time. Our space-qualified gimbals have helped return images from the Mars Exploration Rover, the Worldview Earth imaging constellation and many other pioneering missions.  Whether your extreme environment is in space or on the ground, we can steer payloads like mirror flats, optical telescopes, science instruments and antennas with a high degree of accuracy and large field of regard.


Our camera is returning unprecedented images of the surface of Mars.

Worldview Constellation

Our spacecraft deliver the highest resolution Earth images available.