Tactical Lasercom/LIDAR

Game-Changing Technology

When you want to see exactly what’s going on in a battlespace or enemy area, we provide real-time 3D Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) systems for tactical military and intelligence/surveillance missions. Our TotalSight™ Flash LIDAR gives you data in real-time. No more waiting in the dark.

You enjoy a full-motion 3-D imaging system that gives you “total sight” of the operational area of regard. Because our systems fuse and downlink multi-spectral video in real time with 3-D LIDAR data, you get unsurpassed informational awareness. Any of our systems can be tailored to satisfy a wide range of mission objectives and customized for a variety of platforms.


3D Flash LIDAR

Download this PDF to discover how our Flash LIDAR provides unsurpassed, real-time informational awareness.
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Total Awareness

  • Real-time 3-D imagery to easily manipulate and share on the move
  • The ability to “see over the next hill” in real time, with true geolocation precision and easily manipulated images — a game changer for operational forces
  • Increased situational awareness for mission planning and execution
  • Day/night fused 3-D imagery for hazard detection, identification and avoidance for helicopter flight support, precision tactical analysis and damage assessment
  • Data rates compatible with existing RF downlinks
Our TotalSight™ Flash LIDAR has flown on both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, and can also be flown on unmanned aerial vehicles. Our non-conventional imaging techniques used for active remote sensing push the boundaries of performance.


The Ball LIDAR payload for the ScanEagle® UAV fuses context camera imagery with LIDAR array imagery at up to 20 frames per second for high point density and image resolution.

Ball’s real-time, full-motion color Flash 3D LIDAR (Laser Imaging, Detection and Ranging) imaging system, provides warfighters and first responders critical geolocation information that can be easily viewed, analyzed and shared while on the move.


Download to learn more about Ball's LIDAR payload for this UAV.

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Our line of tactical cameras offers superior quality, reliability and high performance.


High-performance, high-reliability data for the warfighter.