At Ball Aerospace, we share the government’s commitment to grow small businesses that show promise to achieve new technology breakthroughs. We recognize that small businesses usually lack the resources to adapt and implement such innovative advances in a timely manner – and that’s where we can help.

Ball Aerospace seeks to incorporate small business new technology innovations relevant to the aerospace market. Of particular interest to Ball Aerospace are innovations involving: •    Optical systems
•    Image analysis and image processing software
•    Solar power
•    High speed and low power communications
•    Materials
•    Lightweight and deployable structures
•    Robotics
•    Cryogenics
•    Mechanisms and actuators
•    Lubricants
•    Controls
•    Data processors
•    Radiation resistance and shielding
•    Space and planetary exploration
•    Propulsion

Specific technology needs are described in the various agency SBIR/STTR solicitations (see below the list of SBIR participating federal agencies and departments applicable to Ball Aerospace). If you have a relevant innovation, we invite you to submit a one-page summary to Kevin Savage,

Note: Summaries should include as much detail as possible, without revealing proprietary information. Please describe your technology innovation and identify its expected advantages beyond current, state-of-the-art technology; whether further development is necessary; your vision for the technology application; licensing plans; and the requested level of assistance from Ball Aerospace. Your summary will be reviewed for potential relevance to current and future Ball Aerospace applications and programs. We will contact you if a possible business opportunity is determined.

Primary SBIR participating federal agencies and departments applicable to Ball Aerospace:
•    Department of Commerce (NOAA/NIST)
•    Department of Defense (DoD)
•    Department of Energy (DOE)
•    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
•    National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)
•    National Science Foundation (NSF)
•    Small Business Administration (SBA)

Advantages of the Ball Aerospace SBIR program:

  • Ball Aerospace may provide qualified small businesses with letters of support for Phase 1 SBIR proposals for technologies relevant to our business areas.
  • Ball Aerospace may assist with evaluation and test of function, applicability, and technical and economic feasibility. (More extensive cooperation for Phase 2 and subsequent phases may be required).
  • Ball Aerospace participation and support of your initiatives demonstrate that your new technology has been examined for feasibility and applicability to future missions.
  • Ball Aerospace participation and support of your proposal assure the government a greater return on their technology investment through synergy with related Ball Aerospace technology investments and applications across a broad range of leading edge military, commercial, space science, and earth science missions.