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Under 15 U.S.C.645(d)

(2) Any person who violates paragraph (1) shall-

(A) be punished by a fine of not more than $500,000 or by imprisonment for not more than 10 years, or both;

(B) be subject to the administrative remedies prescribed by the Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act of 1986 (31 U.S.C. 3801–3812);

(C) be subject to suspension and debarment as specified in subpart 9.4 of title 48, Code of Federal Regulations (or any successor regulation); and

(D) be ineligible for participation in any program or activity conducted under the authority of this chapter or the Small Business Investment Act of 1958 (15 U.S.C. 661 et seq.) for a period not to exceed 3 years.