ball aluminum aerosol can with 50 percent reduction in carbon footprint

A New Era of Sustainability

Ball's most sustainable can to date.

As a global leader, Ball is bringing innovations in sustainable packaging that will help people live more sustainably and improve the health of the planet. We’re re-imagining, re-thinking, re-building, and re-placing the current landscape of aerosol packaging.

Our holistic approach to sustainability enables us to achieve dramatic carbon footprint reductions across our entire range of aerosol cans, at a global scale. Ball is launching its most sustainable aluminum aerosol can yet, with only half the carbon footprint of a standard can.

Infographic reading: 75%25 less C02e emissionsre:source

Not All Primary Aluminum is Created Equal

It takes energy to produce primary aluminum. But. By sourcing aluminum made from renewable energy resources like hydroelectric power, Ball has dramatically decreased the amount of CO2e emissions from the creation of aluminum. Aluminum produced by using renewable, hydroelectric power generates 75% less CO2e compared to the global average for aluminum production.




Infographic reading: 30%25 lighter than standard aluminum aerosol can


Less weight, less raw materials

Lightweighting is the second lever  that we use to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of our cans. In 2014, Ball introduced ReAl® - a proprietary and patented alloy composition that increases the strength of the aluminum used in manufacturing. Ball keeps pushing the boundaries of innovation with  ReAl – today we are producing cans that are up to 30% lighter (compared to a standard aluminum aerosol can) while retaining their strength and structure.


Infographic reading: 75%25 of aluminum ever produced is still in use today.



True Circularity

Real Recycling is the third lever  that we use to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of our cans. To meet our ambitious sustainability goals, we know how important it is to increase recycling rates, in order to bring more recycled content back into the system. Ball’s aerosol cans incorporate up to 50% recycled content, on a global scale. And we are committed to initiatives that increase the global supply of recycled aluminum.


Through a holistic approach, Ball has achieved a globally scalable 50% reduction in carbon footprint compared to a standard aerosol can. And we are just getting started.

Infograhpic with the text re:source, re:design, re:claim -- 50%25 carbon footprint reduction compared to a standard aluminum can.

The re:generation

The re:generation

Ball has achieved a 50% reduction in carbon footprint.

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Resource Efficiency

Increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and minimizing risks.

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Responsible Sourcing

We utilize strategic, rather than tactical, sourcing.

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